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        Monstrous 38Wh Battery
        Lasts All Day

        A monstrous 38Wh polymer lithium-ion battery with ultra-low power Intel
        CPU enables Herobook last over 9 hours. With fast-charge technology,
        you can can enjoy hours of work or entertainment.

        Intel E8000
        Quad-Core Processor

        Packed with Intel's new generation Quad-Core E8000 processor and four threads,
        HeroBook enables up to 2.0GHz Turbo Boost speeds thanks to the 14-nm process
        technology and 5W ultra-low power design; the built-in HD Graphics N3000 graphics
        ensures faster image processing, hard-decoding 4K video.

        Storage Space

        Herobook of 4GB RAM, 64GB storage helps you run multiple apps
        seamlessly, while up to 128GB TF expansion provides plenty of room for all
        your documents, photos, and videos.

        Independent M.2 SSD
        Expansion Slot

        In order to meet the personalized storage needs, a separate M.2 SSD
        expansion slot is provided for greater space and faster read/write speed.

        14.1 inch
        1080P IPS Display

        HeroBook is equipped with a 14.1-inch IPS screen with a wider vision and a 1920*1080
        ultra-high definition resolution brings vivid details. Besides, the night mode and color
        setting will help reduce the onset of eye strain.

        Borderless Design
        Full Sized Keyboard

        The borderless C-side of Herobook’s keyboard is engineered for
        compactness and simplicity. Meanwhile, the full-sized keyboard that
        features 17mm keycap and 3mm keypitch makes your typing more enjoyable
        and comfortable.

        Ultra-large Touchpad
        Freely, and Intuitively

        The 5.75-inch oversized touchpad of Herobook supports a variety of
        touch gestures, easy and intuitive to interact with your laptop, offering
        users precise control and a uniform response.

        7 Ports
        Availiable In One

        Herobook is equipped with high-speed M.2, USB 3.0, HD, fast
        charging DC port, headphone jack, Micro-SD card slot, giving Herobook
        hassle-free connectivity for versatile flexibility.

        Immersive Sound

        Quad independent high-quality speakers delivers a resonant sound effect, minimized
        distortions, caputures details to create a immersive audio experience from all angles.

        Windows 10 OS
        Office Standard

        Pre-installed Windows 10 OS, Edge browser as well as
        Cortana will improve your work efficiency, great for
        entertainment and productivity.


        Each CHUWI Notebook
        Has to Undergo a Rigorous Test

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