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        Vast Vision / Boundless Horizon

        Aerobook's full-view technology with 80% screen-to-body ratio and 7mm
        in bezel delivers utmost visual effects and unparalleled immersive experience.

        Massive View / Impressive Body

        Thanks to the full-view design, Aerobook has a 13.3-inch screen under the 12-inch body size, which can be easily slipped into your bag.

        Delicate Details / Vibrant Pictures

        With Aerobook's 13.3-inch IPS full lamination screen and a resolution of 1080P, vibrant pictures and vivid colors come alive.

        Metal Texture

        Aerobook is crafted with double-sided aluminium-magnesium alloy metal, which has undergone 46 processes such as CNC cutting, anodizing treatment, bringing tactile touch, while shining luster and delicate texture.

        Compact Borderless Keyboard

        The borderless keyboard featuring 17mm keycap and 3mm key pitch is engineered
        for compactness and simplicity, making your typing more enjoyable and comfortable.

        Utmost Portability

        Inheriting CHUWI's traditional minimalist style: compact layout, solid case, fanless design, Aerobook is at 15mm slim and 1.25kg lightweight, always being portable.

        Robust Intel Core / Premium Choice

        The New Gen Intel® Core™ processor elevates the performance of Aerobook to a new
        level with Turbo Boost 2.0 processing up to 2.2GHz, 40% faster than its predecessor.

        9th Gen HD Graphics
        4K Hard Decoding

        Equipped with the 9th Gen HD Graphics clocking at 850MHz,
        Aerobook can easily handle games, professional video and image editing.

        Blazing-fast / Mass Storage

        Intel 540S 256GB SSD brings 5X faster read/write speed than eMMC, instantaneous boot-strap.
        Dual-channel 8GB LPDDR3 RAM allows multiple tasks to run simultaneously without lag.

        High Capacity,
        Stamina Battery

        38Wh high-density lithium polymer battery coupled with ultra low-power processor keeps Aerobook stay powered for about 8 hours. Fast charging technology ensures your office work worry-free.

        Dual Band WiFi

        802.11ac wireless transmission protocol and Bluetooth 4.0 enable a stable and smooth surfing experience.

        Multiple Ports To
        Meet Your Needs

        A comprehensive set of ports in Aerobook can fully meet your daily needs.
        With a full-featured USB-C, audio/video transmission
        and fast PD charging can be realized.

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